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100 Indigenous Maori Insights from Old Maori Manuscripts



Do you want to:

  • find out how an ancient worldview shines a light on today's world?


  • take a deep-dive into old wisdoms​?


  • get the non-fluff version written for real people?


Yes? Then this book is for you.

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For thousands of years, the Maori tohunga, sages, passed closely guarded knowledge to new generations of sages, using an orally coded system. Two hundred years ago, they started recording that knowledge into secret manuscripts.

Why did they suddenly abandon their oral traditions?

Who were they writing for?

Can this indigenous knowledge provide us with a beacon in our time?

Infinite Threads presents rare insights through the imagined voices of the old sages. Their words, by turns, are gritty, loving, blunt, funny, rousing. Their writings are eloquent expressions for what moves us—love, rage, compassion, grief, joy, fear, and identity.

Discover how the Insights help you understand your power, integrity, and purpose—and maybe even this strange world you now live in.

Read about the oceanic voyages, creatures in their lairs, love trysts, living cosmos, deeds of all kinds, and how they teach you to connect with others, the world, and universe.


Learn about the colonial history that nearly obliterated an indigenous esoteric knowledge system—how the Sages saved it and why it matters. And follow the author’s journey beyond the confines of her social and cultural conditioning, from fear towards freedom, and her ultimate decision to share these insights.

Book description


About author, Pronouncing Mariko, Who helped.



The author lives in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and hails from the northern tribe of Te Rarawa. She is a kaitiaki, guardian, of the writings of her great-grandfather, a tohunga, sage and has spent her life studying and writing about the esoteric knowledge of her people. Recent world events have inspired her to share selected knowledge of her ancestors.

Pine Cones



For the discerning reader who would like to pronounce the name Mariko well, here is an audio and its meaning to help you.




E tuku mihi aroha ana kia koutou. To the several kaumatua (elders) who shared countless stories and assisted with interpretations and contexts from their times. 

Many thanks to Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori - the Māori Language Commission, and its Mā Te Reo funding to assist with the research for this book.

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